Vernonville United Church and Cemetery were established in 1862. A designated Haldimand Heritage site.

2021 Decoration Day
Virtual Service

Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, St. Andrews United Church Vernonville held a Virtual Service to help give you a sense of ‘normalcy’ in this difficult time. We hope you enjoy the church, the grounds, and the lovely service. Readings by Laurie Deviney, Brenda Keeler, and Barb Harnden. Music by Shasta Mowry. Videography by Ed Mulvey.

Anniversary Service

Every year on the second Sunday in July at 11:00 AM an Anniversary Service is held for St. Andrews United Church Vernonville. This is followed by a pot luck picnic at the Vernonville Community Centre.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all physical services planned for 2021 are canceled.